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Secure information management

We possess renowned expertise in the field of secure strategic information management. Our analysis, advice, security and confidentiality techniques are inspired by a compliance methodology that responds to ISO/CEI standard 27002.

We specifically intervene in :

  • Diagnostics and security audits;
  • Risk management evaluations;
  • Analysis of work methods and practices;
  • Protection against systems intrusions (identity management);
  • Securement of physical locations (access management);
  • Protection against natural disasters;
  • Safe data storage and archiving;
  • Protection and preservation of personal and confidential information;
  • Detection and correction of business process flaws;
  • Compliance verification and validation;
  • Analysis of key indicators (critical performances) of information systems;
  • Improvement of system robustness;
  • Development of succession and preventive maintenance for IT systems plans;
  • Definition of secure management policies and practices.