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Project Management

Computing is at your company’s service. As such, it must allow you to rapidly consult, process and exchange the information that is necessary to obtaining the best results.

When we intervene in project management, we help you find the optimal balance between your information needs, business goals, budgetary constraints and the most pertinent technological solutions.

We define the most profitable and secure IT compromise so that technologies can harmoniously integrate your management functions.

According to your needs, we conduct :

  • Project audits and diagnoses;
  • Analysis of technological operations in the management of information;
  • Analysis of the organization and IT infrastructure;
  • Identification and evaluation of tailored solutions;
  • Harmonization of IT to your business strategies;
  • Design and management of budgets;
  • Development of technical and technological specifications;
  • Development and management of calls for tenders;
  • Supervision of specifications compliance;
  • Coordination of implementation and integration of selected solutions;
  • Supervision of compliance and security validation tests;
  • Training and accompaniment of your personnel.